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Outdoor Makeovers: Ohio's Landscaper

Outdoor Makeovers is Outdoor Makeovers

Outdoor Makeovers is the mission of our team that designs and installs more complete landscaping projects. The Outdoor Makeovers team specializes in giving your home's exterior a completely new look. From landscapes, hardscapes and lighting - we can design and install a comprehensive landscape renovation that'll be the talk of your neighborhood.

Below you'll find more information and links to examples of our work done for area homeowners.


An important part of any landscape project is the selection of plants that fit in with the environment. Careful plant selection also ensures the key to any successful landscape installation: Survive and Thrive!

Also critical is the proper maintenance of the new landscape - why many homeowners opt to hire Outdoor Makeovers to take care of the routine maintenance their new landscape requires.


Brick pavers are an excellent choice for patio installations. The myriad styles, shapes, sizes, colors and textures available can be blended into any current location, giving your patio the look that it had been there from the beginning.

Pavers are low maintenance and last well in our Central Ohio climate. Since they're never mortared in, if a project ever requires they be removed and reinstalled, pavers prove their value as the easy and inexpensive choice.

Steps and Stairs

Steps don't need to be poured concrete or treated lumber. Your patio can flow from one level to the next with attractive steps worked into the paver design.

Paver steps can create interesting features at the front of your property too. Click on the picture to see more examples of paver steps we've installed.


Paver walkways are a great compliment to any property. The wide variety of color and texture available in pavers can create quite a nice feature in any landscape design.

But walkways need not be created solely from pavers... the picture to the left shows off a rustic walkway created with landscape stones.


Use a wall to completely set off a garden section from the rest of the lawn, or to level landscape for the placement of a garden, when the natural slope of the land may be to steep to permit one.

Walls are also used to provide privacy or barriers to casual foot traffic through your property.

Other Solutions

Here we showcase a landscape design that doesn't fit neatly into another category. We work with our customers to design their yard, and sometimes that makes for an interesting result.

The golf green shown here is a beautiful example of the synergy created between our customers' ideas and our know-how. Click on the picture to see how it all came together.